6 Great Health Benefits of Carrot-Apple Juice

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Carrot-apple juice - a wonderful drink!

Carrot-apple juice - a wonderful drink!

I have heard of many amazing stories from friends of the great health benefits of freshly-made carrot-apple juice after they started drinking it. I shared in my previous post how my daughter was finally cured of her leg pain and stomach ache. You can read it here.

Flu Cured

One of my friends was so distraught that her 7 year old son was suffering from endless flu; pale, running nose, sinus, cough and poor appetite. Like many, she found it hard to believe that carrot-apple juice would help. Of course I am not 100% sure but there’s no harm trying as it is natural food. At that time I only read that it works and my family had already benefitted a lot from it.

Worse, she even believed that it would do more harm than good! She would rather give antibiotics to her son as prescribed by the doctor while complaining at the same time. Each time she complained to me, I only have one answer for her - carrot-apple juice and avoid all junk food. After many weeks, she decided to try. Within one week, her son recovered completely! I was amazed too and so happy for them. Of course the happiest was the mother.

No longer craving for junk food and fast foods

Another amazing story is from a mother and daughter who both wanted to lose weight. The daughter was about 16 years old then and loves fast foods. I shared with them about the benefits of carrot-apple juice to help them feel full and stop them from craving for food. They tried and immediately fell in love with the juice. Amazingly they felt full and didn’t have the urge to eat junks or fast food. Well, I didn’t realise that it is so effective. I’m of course very happy for them.

Out of wheel chair at last

There is another story about an elderly lady, about 70 years old then. She’s my friend’s mother. She had very weak legs and was using the wheel chair for quite a while. I persuaded my friend to give her carrot-apple juice. I told her if it doesn’t cure the weakness, it is still nutritious for her body. Finally she did.  After a few months of consistent drinking everyday, she gained strength to stand up. A couple of months later, she was even able to join her daughter to go for a short holiday. Isn’t that amazing?

6-in-1 juicer

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6 great health benefits of carrot-apple juice

There are endless accounts from friends of the amazing benefits after they started drinking juice. It would be too long to share all. I hope you will try out. Then you have your amazing story to tell me. Here I would like to share with you 6 great health benefits of carrot-apple juice that I know of:

  1. It is loaded with nutrients.
  2. It is easily absorbed by the body.
  3. It is very easy to make.
  4. It can fight off illnesses, often without the need for drugs.
  5. It can replace a meal and so can incorporate into dieting program.
  6. It tastes great and you will look forward to drinking it.

Freshly-made juices contain all the live nutrients that our bodies need. You do a great favour to your body when you take in live nutrients. All you need to start off is to get a very good juicer, one that will give you high quality juice, easy to set up and easy to clean up. If you are not sure, read my post, The Best Juicer For Health, the only one that I recommend.

Do add and comment. Share your experience if you have been drinking freshly-made carrot-apple juice or other juices.

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Carrot-apple juice - what a wonderful drink!
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mhugs  on January 2nd, 2013

carrot and apple juice has benefited my daughter alot…she loves it and keeps asking for more..

Mary  on January 4th, 2013

@mhugs - So wonderful to know that! Thanks very much for letting me know! :D

Vicki  on January 11th, 2013

what is the ratio of apples to carrots

Mary  on January 14th, 2013

@Vicky - I always use 2 big carrots, or 3 medium, and 1 big apple to get 1 cup (250 ml). Give a try first and you will know how many you need. You can vary the amount. Have fun juicing! :D

Christine  on February 23rd, 2013

My grandmother swore by carrot and apple juice! Now, as an adult I include it into my daily diet amongst other cancer fighting juices. My friends smirk but wonder why they themselves are overweight, suffer from poor complexions, and have no energy. While they’re filling their glasses up with wine, I’m filling my glass up with live nutrients! :D

Mary  on March 1st, 2013

@Christine - What an encouraging comment, Christine! I’m always excited when I hear from my readers that they also drink freshly made juices :D Well Done! I also have friends who are much against these nutrients packed juices and yet always wonder why they are often sick.

Ajuma  on September 21st, 2013

I am definitely going to try it tomorrow. Will it cure my pimples?

Mary  on September 30th, 2013

@Ajuma - Thanks for dropping by. Drinking juices is definitely very beneficial to health. As your health improves, I believe your pimples will improve too. Do hope you give it a try. Have fun juicing! :D

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