5 Easy, Simple Ways To Keep Friendship Fresh

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What do you do when you miss your friends, especially those that live far away? It can be quite sad, isn’t it? It is even much harder for those who are in a relationship. But with all the modern high technologies, it has become very easy to keep in touch - email, MSN, webcam, cheap calls, mobile phone etc. The BIG problem is taking the effort to do it. The most common reason is, ‘I don’t have time’. Is life really so busy? Or is it because of attitude problem or pure laziness. Only you know the answer. Well how to you keep up with your friendship and keep it fresh? The following is what I do.

5 easy simple ways to stay connected with friend:

  1. Choose at least one form of communication.
    If you are really very busy, a fast way is to use email. Make it personal, not the same email to everyone. It doesn’t take you long to write a very good email. If you cannot spend about 10 minutes for your friend once in a while, then you are obviously not a very good friend yourself. Learn how to use email if you don’t know. Don’t give excuses. Phone calls are cheap these days too, so there’s really no excuse.
  2. Have a journal or diary.
    If you have too many friends which not many people have these days, then keep a diary of the times you keep in touch with them and also the times when they keep in touch with you. In that way, you don’t forget to keep in touch with them or miss out some.
  3. Place your friends higher up on your list of priorities.
    If friends are important to you, you will put them higher up on your list of priorities. If you don’t, they will soon be pushed out of your mind and heart.
  4. Know well your purpose of having friends.
    Ask yourself why you want friends and why you want those friends on your list. Are your friends a blessing to you or a burden to you? And are you a blessing to them or a burden to them? It is a noble purpose if you are one that is more giving than receiving. On the other hand it is difficult if your friend hardly reciprocate your kindness.
  5. Visit each other if possible.
    If it is possible, visit each other often especially if you are staying in the same area. Have coffee time or a simple meal together. Such occasions always deepens friendship.

I have so many friends that I often miss. But the ones that I miss the most and who are my greatest friends are my mom and dad. They are the ones who are behind my every dream that come true. Talking to them always brings tremendous comfort and joy. Each time I’m away from home, I just miss them and it hurts even though our thoughts are always connected. Each time I think of them, this song in the video here is what I would sing.

Maybe today you can take some time to list down who your friends are and why you have lost some or gain some friends. How can you improve your friendship? How do you keep your friendship fresh? Are certain friends worth keeping? Whatever it is, we must all keep learning to be a better friend. Don’t wait until you need a friend to stay in touch. And don’t forget to keep smiling as you think of your friends. Do comment and share.

Thought of the day……

“A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself.”


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Jocelyn  on July 15th, 2009

You are a great friend to me too! I can’t imagine how I would be today without your mentor back in my school days. :)

Mary  on July 18th, 2009

Jocelyn, thanks for your compliments & your wonderful friendship. Good friends are like sunshine to your soul.

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