Simple Cure Through the Power of Carrot-Apple Juice

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Simple Yet SO GOOD!

Freshly made carrot-apple juice! Nothing beats that. It tastes so good and refreshing. It’s my favourite drink. It’s one of the most important food for my family, one of the simplest way to a healthier body. We have been drinking it for more than 10 years. It’s power packed when freshly made. Never buy from the shelf.

Carrot-apple Juice - What a Wonderful Drink!

Carrot-apple Juice - What a Wonderful Drink!

Doctors and Specialists Couldn’t Help My Girl

My second daughter was born with several health problems. She had severe leg pain. Doctors call it ‘growing pains’. It was so severe that the attacks came almost every evening and night and she would be screaming in pain for hours. I would carry her, walk up and down the room trying to pacify her. Nothing worked. She would fall asleep after all the exhaustion from crying. It was heartbreaking as a mother to see her go through each time yet helpless and felt so hopeless. On top of that she had constant stomach ache and severe hives. She had very poor appetite and not growing well. There was nothing that doctors could do. Specialist after specialist we took her to see but nothing helped. It only added more anguish and anxiety.

Chinese Doctor’s Diagnosis

In frustration and helplessness, a friend recommended me to take her to see a popular Chinese doctor. She was about 4 then. After observing her for about 10 minutes as she played, the doctor took her pulse rate. He asked, ‘Is she very irritable, often throw tantrums and refuses to eat?’ I said, ‘Yes’, shocked that he knew. He said that her intestine was not absorbing nutrients. He said that healthy kids are easy to take care. She was irritable and threw tantrums because she didn’t feel well.

I told him that she loves KFC & McDonalds. He said unhealthy children only eat food with great tastes but it made the condition worse because such food are deep fried and contain a lot of salt and seasonings. He gave some Chinese medicine and asked me to try and give her simple, easily digested food.

Cured At Last

For more than a year, things didn’t improve because I didn’t know what to cook for her and didn’t know how to make her body absorb nutrients. Every meal was a fight and a pain to make her eat or drink as she would complain that she had stomach ache. After much reading, I decided to make carrot-apple juice. It was so sweet and nice but yet she refused to drink. After much persuasion and bribes, I managed to make her drink 1 tablespoon, a few days later to 2 tablespoon until soon she was able to drink 1 cup. I stopped giving her milk. In less than a month, her stomach acheĀ  was gone. Very soon, her leg pain attacks grew less and was finally gone after a few months. She started to have better appetite. What a big relief! It was just unbelievable. I also learned to cook simpler, healthier food.

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Making carrot-apple juice is very simple as I shared in my previous post, Carrot-Apple Juice - What a Wonderful Drink!

Try it. Many of my friends who tried have gained tremendous benefit from this simple juice. My whole family have benefitted greatly from it. Of course there are other juices that you can make. You can experiment it.

Do come back tomorrow as I will share about the right type of juicer that you should invest in. It is The Best Juicer For Health, the only one that I recommend. And don’t forget, feel free to leave your comments here. In the mean time, start drinking freshly-madeĀ  carrot-apple juice and let me know how you get along with it.

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Carrot-apple juice - what a wonderful drink!
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Bo  on October 18th, 2010

I drink fresh juice occassionally, but not like I should.

Mary  on October 18th, 2010

@Bo - Lovely to know that you drink carrot juices. Keep up with it. It’s very good for health. :D

virginia  on April 22nd, 2013

I recently started juicing the carrot,apple&Beet.Is it true that too much beets is acidic? And how long should I use beets for?

Mary  on April 24th, 2013

@virginia - Generally freshly made vegetable juices are alkaline. While juices are good for health, it’s also advisable not to over consume it in one go. Usually I only use 1/2 of a small beet. Hope this helps. Have fun juicing :D

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