Be Childlike, Not Childish

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What is ‘Childlike’ and what is ‘Childish‘?

When we see people, especially adults behave childish, we generally squirm with embarrassment & wonder why they haven’t grown up. Generally, we relate to childishness as unfavourable behaviours such as being immature, throwing tantrums, unfocussed, self-centeredness, lack of self-control and responsibility.

However childlikeness is a good thing. Being childlike is trusting, innocent, able to laugh freely, curious, playful, teachable, simple and adventurous.

It is sad to see many adults still carry a lot of childish behaviour and lost a lot of childlikeness. It is actually tragic to see these childish behaviours in those who are supposed to show a good example to others, particularly those who are supposed to lead others.

While we can’t change others and their childishness, we must all keep learning to grow up more mature, not to be childish, while maintaining the beauty of childlikeness. Don’t be so serious in life. If you are still not sure, just spend some time watching little children and see what you like about them and what you hope not to see in them as they grow up.

I have many little friends who have always inspired me to remain childlike. Talking and playing with them is always an honour and a humbling experience. One of them is MikT, 7+ years old. She is my inspiration.

MikT loves to help

MikT loves to help

MikT loves to play

MikT loves to play

MikT enjoys her homework

MikT enjoys her homework

Thought of the day……..

‘Great is the man who has not lost his childlike heart.’


Have you become too serious in life? Have you lost your childlikeness along the way? How do you feel when you meet people in authorities behaving childish? Do add, share and comment. I would love to hear from you. If you like this article, you can subsribe for free to the RSS (orange button on top right) or through email so that you don’t miss any future articles.

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radha  on September 11th, 2009

so true. when we are childlike our spirit will shine forever!

Mary  on November 24th, 2009

@Radha - Thanks for comment. Agree with you on that.

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