Women Are Born To Talk A Lot

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Do women really talk a lot? We often hear men complaining that women talk too much and women complaining that men just don’t talk enough. Women sometimes complain that talking to their husbands is like talking to rocks!I But then some women like quiet men because they think their men are listening eventhough they are not! But I have met some men who talk more than women. I call them marathon talkers!

It is reported that women talk 3 times as much as men. The average woman speaks about 20,000 words a day! Now I’m trying to figure out how many words I speak. I don’t think that I speak so many words a day unless I talk in my sleep. But sometimes I probably could have overshot the 20,000 mark! Anyway, I think that it is a very good thing that women talk so much otherwise the world would be such a boring, quiet place.

But whatever it is, I think women were born to talk a lot, to talk endlessly at times. Men just need to understand that. Don’t believe, watch this video…….Enjoy!

Thought of the day…..

‘The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.’

Author Unknown

Do share your thoughts…..are women more talkative than men? What would it be like if women talk less than men? Well, I think some people have to learn to talk less while some have to learn to talk more. Just keep learning and keep smiling.

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