Dumb or Smart - Which One Are You?

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Are You Really Dumb?

Have you ever been in situations where you just felt very uncomfortable and wish you could disappear into thin air because you felt like you were being made so dumb? Maybe you have been told by your employer, your department head, your parents, your spouse or even your own children that ‘You Are So Dumb!’ Maybe you have not been told but made to feel that way. For many of us, our heart would just drop immediately and the rest of the day a day of unconsolable misery.

Are You Really Smart?

Or have you been thinking that you are so smart while others are so dumb, that you are indispensable, that you are strong and powerful, that you are highly educated and that you can whip your tongue mercilessly at anyone?

Real Smartness Vs Real Dumbness

I believe that there’s a difference between Dumb Yet Smart and Smart Yet Dumb. We are really smart when our actions add value to ourselves and to others. We are really dumb when our actions devalue ourselves and others. I hope this video is humbling to some and uplifting to others. It’s one of my favourite videos. I would often watch it when I felt let down and being made to feel dumb. It never fail to make me laugh.

Let’s keep learning to be real smart in life and not be real dumb so that we can keep smiling.

Thought of the day…..
‘All too often arrogance accompanies strength, and we must never assume that justice is on the side of the strong. The use of power must always be accompanied by moral choice.’
Theodore Bikel

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