How To Dream To Achieve What You Want In Life? (Part 1)

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(Part 2 - How to make your dream come true?)

Are you going through the usual ritual of just wishing and wishing and never get your wishes come through? You wish you have a better job, a nicer garden, better children, better spouse, bigger house, more money, and a whole long list of other wishes.

A Wishing Well?

A Wishing Well?

Are you having a wishing well where you visit all the time, hoping and hoping that the wishing well will grant you your wishes? Well, well, well, is your wishing well just a well and a dry well? Like many, your wishing will forever remain just a well to entertain your fantasies. It’s time to stop wishing and start dreaming.

Dream well. Dream a good dream. Dream to achieve what you want in life, get out there, work hard on it and you will see your dream come true. A good dream in life is important. A good dream in life is one that you will make all efforts to work to its fulfillment and enjoy it. It is refreshing to your soul. I have seen many of my dreams come true and it’s greatly exciting. Here are the ways that I do it each time.

Here are 5 important ways to DREAM to ACHIEVE what you want in LIFE. :

  1. Dream with a purpose and with courage
    Dreaming with a purpose and courage will give you a strong conviction to stay on course even if you are travelling on the journey alone. Don’t dream in a wishy-washy manner or expectating it not to come true. Know what you really want.
  2. Dream according to your abilities and talents
    If you know your abilities and talents then you have a good basic foundation for your dream. If you love creative stuff, you can dream to become an interior decorator, an artist and so forth. Don’t dream to be a famous singer if you are tone deaf.
  3. Dream according to your character and personality
    This is another good basic foundation for your dream. Don’t dream to become a pilot if you are afraid of heights. Don’t dream to have a happy family if you are lazy and hot tempered.  You will make everyone in your family suffer and frighten the life out of everyone.
  4. Dream in steps.
    If you dream to become a famous pianist, you can’t become one over night. Dream to own a piano first, then dream to have the best piano teacher, then dream to get excellent results, then dream to perform on small occasions, then big events and so forth.
  5. Dream with passion.
    Passion is like fire and it’s unstoppable. If you are passionate about your dream, no one can stop you. You will think about it all the time. It warms you up each time you think of it. You believe in all the possibilities and all the ways to make it come true.

Are you still just wishing today? Do you have a good dream? What do you want to achieve? Why not share and comment? In my next post I will write on ‘How to make your dream come true?’

Thought for the day…..

“You can achieve anything you want in life if you have the courage to dream it, the intelligence to make a realistic plan, and the will to see that plan through to the end

Sidney A. Friedman

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Divina  on August 20th, 2009

Thank you for this. I will read it again.

Mary  on August 22nd, 2009

Whatever your dream is, think of it, speak about it, to yourself and to others, find ways to get it started. You may meet obstacles but not all obstacles are bad. Many obstacles are good as they stretch us & toughen us up for each step of our dream. Take a break to relax, re-charge, refocus and evaluate when the going gets too tough. Dreams are never smooth sailing. Be encouraged.

Divina  on August 24th, 2009

Okay, will do. Thank you.

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