Depression Kills But Laughter Heals

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Laughter is infectious and relaxing

Laughter is infectious and relaxing

It’s reported everyday…..

UK in recession…
Unemployment is skyrocketing…
MP’s failing us…
Schools failing us…
Banks failing us…
NHS failing us…
War around us…
Swine flu pandemic may kill us…
Food loaded with chemicals….

There’s every reason for anyone to feel depressed and hopeless. But if we are going to feel down, we are just going to go down…..down…..down and risk a quicker journey to 6 feet underground. We have a life to live, loved ones around to care for. Forget about all those issues and look up. The scene above is definitely more refreshing and beautiful. If there’s nothing you can do about it, you just have to leave it. At the end of it all, who are the ones to survive through well? It’s the healthy and the emotionally strong ones.

Stressed and Depressed.

Stressed and Depressed.

The most important key is to learn to laugh….real good laughs…. everyday. Stop taking yourself so serious. I hope you are not one that gets up with a serious face and go to bed with a serious face, if not a more serious face after a hard day’s work, or stressed out by your kids. Happiness is a choice. Things may be tough but don’t be trapped into having self-pity. If you hold a pity party, no one will join you. It’s a one man party. So, let loose, relax and take one day at a time. Learn to smile and learn to laugh. Laughter is good for health.

How do you relax and laugh? My suggestions:

  • Laugh at yourself.

  • Read cartoon books.

  • Watch good, clean comedy shows.

  • Joke with friends

  • Read Jokes

  • Listen to music

Most important of all, learn to be thankful for all things big and small and it will be easy for you to smile.

Remember that Depression Kills and Laughter Heals.

Are you all doom and gloom? Are you above all the troubles and storms around. Do share your thoughts and comments.

Thought for the day……

‘When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us’.

Helen Keller

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