Malaysian Hall in London - Near Beautiful Kensington Gardens

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Malaysian Hall London

Malaysian Hall London

Malaysian Hall (Malaysian High Commission) Cafe not only boasts of its various exotic and authentic local Malaysian food but also its location in the very heart of London.

It is located near Queensway Tube Station. At the top of the stairs to exit the Queensway Tube Station, turn left to Bayswater. Keep to left and turn into the second road. After a very short distance you will see the Malaysian flag flying from the first floor. That’s it.  There’s a stairs outside the entrance that leads to the basement where the cafe is.

Malaysian Flag

Malaysian Flag

Walking on the way to the Malaysian Hall is the Kensington Gardens on the right. On a Sunday, there are a lot of artworks on display on the fence for sale while a lot of people stroll and relax inside the park. I just love all the art pieces, particularly the abstract art.

Artworks on display

Artworks on display

Behind the fence of beautiful artworks is the Kensington Gardens, a great place to stroll and relax on a Sunday afternoon - if the weather is nice of course. The sun is really all that I want. There’s an ice cream shop where you can get a scoop or two of ice-cream to cool down on a hot day. The ice-cream costs £2.50 for a scoop. That’s expensive. To cut cost in this economy downturn, just go grab a big tub from Tesco nearby. It probably costs about £3-£4 but can feed a family of 4 at least, definitely more than a scoop each.

Kensington Gardens. A nice place to stroll or relax.

Kensington Gardens. A nice place to stroll or relax.

So, if you are ever somewhere in London, do make your way to the Malaysian Hall for great food, outside Kensington Gardens to enjoy all the artworks (forget it if you don’t) and inside the garden to relax. Learn to relax, be happy and enjoy life.

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arifin longchik  on September 18th, 2012

What is the requirement to start a small biz in U.K. e.g promoting Malaysian food biz. Grateful your guidance OR who to contact via email.

Best regards

Mary  on September 19th, 2012

@arifin longchik - It depends on where you stay in UK. But I suppose you can check it out with the council for guidelines first. Then there are other support organisation like Business Gateway in Scotland that gives a lot of help to those intending to start a small biz. Hope this helps.

adibah hasran  on June 15th, 2013

I have plan to visit London with few friends in Dec 2013 and I wish to stay a week at the Malaysian hall. How can I make a booking?
please help.

Mary  on June 18th, 2013

@adibah hasran - You can book online at Hope this helps.

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