A Surprise - A Special Friend

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Do you get a surprised visit from a friend?
Do you get a surprised visit from a special friend?
I have and it really brightens my day.

A special visit by a special friend

A special visit by a special friend

Went to MacDonald quite early in the morning for a cup of tea, some food and read the day’s paper. There out of the blue, a beautiful, black Scottish bird (picture here) flew in and landed on the chair just next to mine, about 2 feet away. That’s such a heart-warming visit, a HUGE surprise to me, first time in my life. It was not frighten even when I took out my camera to take a shot of him. I suppose he loved to be photographed. He did pose well, didn’t he? He was also very well behaved because he didn’t snatch my food. He definietly attrracted much attention. What a celebrity he made of himself! And what a paparazzi I made of myself, taking many shots of him.

Well, he is such a special friend to me, just brightened my day, an envy to many around. I still cherish that close encounter. He has become my inspiration.

We all know that friends are important but are we too busy to remember them? I admit sometimes I do. The bird did me a great favour to help me to remember to just give a call, send an email or pay a visit. Good friendship takes going out, giving out and reaching out. We can all learn to be a better friend. Many years ago, I read this somewhere:

If you go out to find a friend,
you’ll find none
If you go out to be a friend,
you’ll find friends are everywhere.

Think about it today. Don’t let your busyness crowd your friends out of your life.

I’m really thankful for the many wonderful friends around.

Thought for the day……

The only way to have a friend is to be one

Ralph Waldo Emerson

What type of friends do you have? Is there an occasion where a friend did something spectacular for you? Do you consider yourself a good friend? Or are you losing friends faster than you are making? Do share your thoughts and comments. In the mean time, keep learning and keep smiling.

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LeQuan  on March 6th, 2011

i’m thankful that i have found a friend in you, truly! thank you for “being” my friend :-D.

Mary  on March 9th, 2011

@LeQuan - Thanks LeQuan! You are just such a sweet friend. If there’s anything about blogging is that I have found a true friend in you. Really appreciate your friendship! :D

Pandy Very Late  on July 31st, 2011

LoL!! Just passing by…hahaha..Hmm…The true friendship starts n will never end..I’m glad to know both of you lovely ladies too!! HugSS!! =DD

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