My First Blog Post - My Dream Come True

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A fulfilled dream is refreshing to the soul

A fulfilled dream is refreshing to the soul

Hi, I’m Mary. Welcome to my First Post.

I’m really excited that finally my blog goes live after months of reading and learning. It’s just such a wonderful feeling, a sense of achievement to be able to finally sit back and smile at my dream come true….my wonderful dream. I have kept to my own goal to keep learning and keep smiling at every tiny little progress, even during challenging times. It’s refreshing to the soul like a refreshing scenery.

I have wanted to start a blog about 4 years ago but never make it. It was just too confusing. I read a lot, bought a course which is all useless & finally decided to lay aside my dream for a while as life got busy. But now that I have more time, it got all fired up again. I continued to read and continued to learn, believing that I can make my dream come true if I don’t give up. I know if I want it badly enough, I’ll achieve it. My Blogging Journey (coming soon) reveals all the challenges, the fun and the huge satisfaction of my blogging venture.

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You can learn more about me at Who Is Mary Moh?

Thought for the day…..
Everyday do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.’
Doug Firebaugh

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